A friend by any other name..

…..A dog is man’s best friend…..If you want to know someone, look at their friends….A friendship is an investment….

These are all used to refer to the quintessential ‘friend’. I wonder what characteristics a dog – domestic dog if you will – could possibly have that we can emulate. Walk with me;

  • Loyalty

This loyalty is as a result of reciprocity. Treat the dog well – feed, exercise and play with it, and it will learn to be loyal to you. 

  • Trust 

This is the core foundation of any friendship. It is built on mutual effort, including the avoidance of permanent cracks – those that are irreparable. To err is human, however, some ‘errs’ are avoidable.

  • Spontaneous.

Wiggle the leash of a dog and he will come running whatever time of day! (at least for the mutt I have grown to love!). Spontaneity is a special gift that rewards one with priceless memories. Besides, not everything can be planned to a T!

  • Humble.

As handsome/beautiful as a dog can be, it doesn’t display any signs of pride (don’t count the cute round eyes asking for a treat, or the guilty glance after committing a crime!). A human being is weakened by his ego.

  • Forgiving.

I am yet to see a dog that holds a grudge!

I can see you wondering why I have gone this route. The dog is a relatable and familiar animal. Perhaps I should repeat ‘domestic dog’ to rule out many others. The list is not conclusive nor is it exhaustive. However, has it sparked some thoughts on your current and past friends? Perhaps helped in choosing your future ones? I hope so!

Are you still walking with me? Let me ask some questions and in your answers, perhaps help you shine the light on who is a friend to you now.

Q1 – Who is the first person you like calling with good/bad news?

Q2 – Who is the person you can call your ‘cheerleader’?

Q3 – Whom can you rely on to tell you the truth no matter what?

Q4 – Who is the person who challenges you to be a better version of your current self?

If you have answers to the questions, you are very lucky. If the same person is the answer to all questions, well, you are in possession of a diamond! Perhaps being called a dog is not such a bad thing after all!

Lets engage in the comments!

Have a great week..

8 thoughts on “A friend by any other name..”

    • Hapo kwa spontaneous na humble. Tricks kidogo. I am not spontaneous and i dont like it also. About humbleness, only them can attest to it. But all the rest i have and i am as i have been told. Quite lucky..


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