A tale of three

The Hen, Hawk and Eagle. This sounds like a fable with a moral lesson at the end! However, walk with me and let’s see where we end up. What do the three animals have in common? Apart from being birds that is…

They fly. Yes? Therein lies the difference. The Hen is content to fly low (only when needed) and scratch the ground for its daily nourishment.

The Hawk with its beady eyes, stays just high enough to remain unseen but is always ready to swoop down to snatch for its daily nourishment.

The Eagle. A high flyer. Content to cruise the clouds high above all others. Gifted with such vision as to see a mouse from kilometres away. There is something regal about this bird…something to think about.

Do you see where I’m going this week? I’m revisiting my favourite word…superimpose…stay with me still…

Let’s think about emotions…are you a low-scrapper like a hen? A voracious crafty hawk? Or a high-flying Eagle? When something happens that rattles you, what is your first reaction? Hen? (Scrap around and just hope that you can handle it?) Perhaps Hawk? (Move just far enough to observe and then swoop when least expected?)  Or Eagle? (Fly high above all and get a wider picture for better judgement)?

Let’s go spiritual…which are you? Hen (content with scraps), Hawk (swooping for nourishment only when you need it) or Eagle (reaching for higher)?

When pursuing your goals, are you a Hen (content), Hawk (snatcher) or Eagle (flying high because you see the bigger picture)? 

In your personal relationships, there are many opportunities to be either bird. Which bird are you most of the time? 

I see you frowning…this is just scratching the surface. There is so much more to imagine based on the characteristics of the three birds. Sometimes, we do not have control over what happens, but we do have control over how we react.

Are you a Hen, Hawk or Eagle? 

4 thoughts on “A tale of three”

  1. Hhmm!! I beg to disagree….
    Won’t each bird do as it is adapted to and not much of a choice to how it echs it’s livelihood???

  2. I am the new word of my day “superimpose” 😂😂😂

    Wherever the wind blows, I become that bird that’s needed to push through.


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