A little lot

“The way to do big things, is to start with the deceptively small things” (Ryan Holiday)

For the first time, my mind has been blank without an inkling about what to write. It brought back all those overused phrases such as ‘creative block’ ‘trees grow in silence’ ‘change is the only constant’ and many more.

I will assume that you, my dear reader, have faced the same blankness at some point. Let me pick just one phrase …’trees grow in silence’. I believe that you, my dear reader, are destined for greatness. And this starts with an inkling of intention. When you are purposely working towards your goals, you will have moments of blankness…moments that can be scary because they do not come with a warning…moments that can make you doubt your choices…moments that can make you have an inspiration. 

Blankness is not such a bad thing. It allows for refocus and redirection if needed. 

The quote at the start of this article is echoed by James Clear (Atomic habits), The essence of which is, small things done repeatedly over time are essential to growth. So no matter how scary the blankness is, every small act you’re doing to achieve your goals, is beneficial in the bigger picture.

So I urge you to celebrate those moments!

Become the majestic tree in this forest of life. 


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