Poetry time! Walk with me…this came to me as I watched the leaves of trees going through many seasons. We humans also go through many seasons in life. As the leaf changes and adapts, so are we also encouraged to do…read on!

I am a leaf

Born of a tree that stands tall

Born of a tree that weathers all seasons.

I am a leaf

That weathers the hot summer of life

Hot undulating waves of heat that burn

That burns to the heart and hurts.

I am a leaf

That freezes in the winter

Ice-cold heartless moments

That sends soulful searches for life and meaning.

I am a leaf

That springs to life

Eagerly stretching for the warmth of a long lost sun.

That blossoms, slowly upwards, reaching for guiding rays.

I am a leaf

That changes colour

Hanging on to the tree of life

Waiting for the warmth of the sun to come around.

I am the leaf that goes through many seasons of life. Changing colour, growing anew and letting go when it is due.

We are the leaf.

Do you be-leaf?


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