The events of this week got me thinking about grass. The little blades that are trodden daily…that offer comfort in a picnic…that are the home of ants.

I want us to think about how we and grass are related. 

First of all, we are small. No one likes to hear that, but it’s true. We are small in relation to the rest of the universe. If in doubt, stand next to a giraffe, elephant or Lion! Look for the nearest tree and see how small we are. This is a reminder to remain humble. In your growth to success, remember to stay humble and acknowledge that you didn’t do it alone.

Secondly, we go through phases of growth and moments of being downtrodden. We cannot escape either one because that’s how we were created. Part of the growth is individually motivated while another part is motivated by outside forces. Remaining stagnant was never the end goal for man. I say and do believe. Internal motivation is what keeps you, the little grass, standing tall amidst the weeds…suffering or flourishing in the daily/monthly/yearly grind. It is what makes you search deep.

Within this phase, we have a green healthy phase and a dry brown phase and all that lies in between. BUT unlike grass, we have a say in how brightly colored we can be, or even how brown and dry we get. 

Thirdly, we are a home for many things, one of them being, the next generation of doers and thinkers (or perhaps bummers).

Have you ever wondered what legacy you are building? What will the next generation know you for? Are you working on the footprint that you are going to leave behind? Will the footprint mislead or guide?

As with all grass, there comes a lawn mower. Here lie the life lessons. Sometimes we are up and other times we are down. 

Who waters you, little grass?

What keeps you upright amidst the weeds?


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