Chef my omelette

I woke up this morning thinking of recipes, and how a chef plays around with ingredients to get delicate tastes as well those that awaken the palate. It occurred to me that we are all chef’s. Are we aware of it? 

Most of us fancy ourselves to be chefs in our homes. Cooking something as simple as an omelette can bring out the fancy hat and spices. Why am I talking about cooking today? Well, it’s because we do it daily, whether in the kitchen or not. All chefs also have preferred ingredients that never lack in their kitchens. Walk with me…

As part of growing up, we are advised on the things we need to do, including the possible outcomes of our choices. Let me be bold enough to attempt to juxtapose a recipe for a near-perfect life.

Simple omelette

2 eggs


Half a cup of chopped onions

Quarter cup of mashed potatoes

Strips of red and yellow bell peppers

Salt and pepper to taste

Simple life


A handful of trustworthy friends

A handful of hobbies that make us grow

A healthy mental care routine

A purpose

………………………….. And more


When it comes to the simple life, putting measurements to the ingredients is rather difficult because we have different experiences and needs. However, what I have boldly attempted to put is what I feel are baseline ingredients that allow the chef (you) to be in the kitchen.

Do you have trustworthy friends? The friends who have always had your back? The ones who are not ‘two-faced’? Do you have the friends you can turn to when matters become overwhelming?

Do you have hobbies that help you grow? Preferably those that take you away from screen time? Those that encourage you to look after your physical wellness as well as mental wellness? 

Do you have a healthy mental care routine? (more on this in next week’s article – stay tuned)

Do you know your purpose? What makes you wake up every morning? What are you working towards?

Let me leave you with those questions…and this final thought. 

You are the chef in your kitchen. You determine who walks in. You determine what goes into every dish. You also determine who is to be kicked out of your kitchen. 

3 thoughts on “Chef my omelette”

  1. Today I woke up think about this… Recipes to my simple life and you bet am kicking a few customers out of my kitchen he he he. The omelette isn’t big enough

  2. Hehe… I like the part of kicking someone out of the kitchen. I clearly recall that happen to my siblings and I and especially on the days there was that tempting meal and we kept hanging around hoping to start on it even when we knew it wasn’t yet time.


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