Dunia wiki hii.

Today I have felt that Swahili captured the mood of this week.

If you remember the program ‘Dunia wiki hii’, you have an idea of where we are heading this week.

My current read is Robin Sharma’s ‘The Saint, the Surfer and the CEO’. The person narrating the story has just met with a Priest who is explaining to him about how life works and how nothing is an accident. The Priest also explains that people come into our lives to help us learn lessons so as to grow. A sample of a lesson has to do with the growth of virtue – and how at the time we need to grow virtue, we tend to meet people and situations that create the environment for learning whichever virtue is on the agenda. Now…I have said it very nicely! In simpler terms, we don’t meet people by accident…neither do we encounter situations by accident. Let me stop there and encourage you to get the book!

Dunia wiki hii has been about those lessons. Those lessons that keep coming until you recognize that personal change and growth have to occur for the situation to change. Those lessons that have the potential to leave you winded or excited (depending on your perspective).

If you never have problems, then something is wrong! 

If you always have the same problems, then something is wrong!

Perspective helped me this week. Let us see how ‘Dunia wiki ijayo’ will be. 

“When the student is ready, the teacher appears” (Robin Sharma)

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