When I was just a thought in your head, 

You helped me come into reality.

When I was just a speck in your world,

You helped me become brighter.

When I started to lose direction,

You helped me find it.


As I grew, you helped me adapt.

As I changed, you helped me focus.

As I grew rusty, you helped me shine.


I will leave you with an acronym.







It is in learning that we grow.

It is in learning that we achieve.

It doesn’t have to be book learning. It can also be interpersonal learning. Learn how to read people and their moods. Learn how to identify vibes that help you grow. Learn how to open your mind and to be receptive. Learn how to sharpen your saw without compromising your blades.

Learn how to be purposeful.


Above all, learn how to reach out. 

No quotes. Just an acronym. 



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