If there’s something weird

And it don’t look good

Who you gonna call?…..(Ghostbusters)

If you’re seeing things

Running through your head

Who can you call?…..(Ghostbusters)

For the movie buffs, the Ghostbusters movie was originally released in 1984. It has thereafter been made-over but the theme song remains… ‘who you gonna call?…..GHOSTBUSTERS!’….(you can see I clearly enjoyed the movie!)

Back to my point. For the purpose of this article, let us define ‘ghost’ as ‘a memory of something past, a current occurrence or an anticipation of the future’.

Memories from the past have been known to impact the present. Those memories can either be good or bad. Have you ever felt ‘stuck’? Unable to move on from a significant event that happened in the past? Have you ever been euphoric for months after an electrifying event, only to realize that you have not made any progress from that one awesome experience that was months ago?

Anticipations of the future have been known to impact the present too. These anticipations can help in planning or they can fuel procrastinations. Have you ever postponed something and then eventually it gets forgotten? Have your daydreams ever stopped you from actually putting rubber to the road?

In the present, we can either procrastinate, be paralyzed by unfounded fears or eagerly create moments where the rubber meets the road. 

Where are you at the present moment? Neither here nor there? Are you actualizing your goals and dreams? Are the current occurrences in your life haunting you? 

I am no expert but I do know that for something to change, it has to have clicked psychologically…meaning, you have to make a conscious decision to move…in any direction…preferably a positive one!

At the end of it, the lyrics above are not far from the truth! We have the ultimate Ghostbuster! Him who sees what we can’t see! Hears the ‘yet to be heard’.

When you’re feeling lost, who you gonna call?

When you’re feeling scared, who you gonna call?

When you want to celebrate, who you gonna call?

…..who you gonna call?….GHOSTBUSTER!

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