The events of this week got me thinking…let me start from the best place…the beginning.

My Muse was hacked and I wasn’t able to access it for some days.. thankfully I have a friend I can rely on who came through. When it was brought to my attention, I experienced a mix of emotions ranging from anger to confusion…poor little me…I thought… Let me get to the point …and that is YOU..

If a computer system can be hacked, what would cause YOU not to be hacked? (I see the puzzle on your face!) There are numerous things that can ‘hack’ your system…and I’m not talking about germs and pores and fungus…I’m talking about all the other things that exist around us…negative peer pressure…self-doubt…lack of focus…lack of goals… procrastination… pride…and the list continues! 

Have you been in a situation where you convince yourself that ‘its just this once’? …Or…’just one more and I’m done’?  How does it end? …Be honest!

Have you ever prepped for something and then started doubting yourself? Wondering whether it’s good enough? … How does it end? ….Be honest again!

Our human system is so vulnerable! When you let your guard down, you open the gate for all manner of hacking! 

“One single vulnerability is all an attacker needs” – Window Snyder

What guards have you put up to prevent being hacked?

What contingency measures exist just in case you are hacked?

Who alerts you when they notice that you are a little ‘off’?

Are you so easily hackable that anyone can guess your passwords? (Read ‘weaknesses’). We know that we are not islands, however, it’s important to ensure that you are not inviting a hacker by showing them that your systems are not guarded. I mean, take care of yourself and lean on Him who can help you, in addition to being aware of what our weaknesses are…because those are the openings that a hacker needs.

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