The battle of Troy made famous the ‘Trojan horse’. According to historians, the story of the Trojan horse is part of Greek mythology, however, it’s significance has remained throughout the centuries.

The short version of the myth is, the Greek soldiers used a hollow wooden horse to gain entry into the city of Troy. The Greeks had pretended to desert the war and used the wooden horse to gain the entry they needed by saying that it was an offering for Athena (the goddess of war). There were several warnings against allowing the horse into the city but none were heeded. The soldiers hiding in the horse, emerged at night and as they say, the rest is history.

The reason behind writing about the Trojan horse, is that they are still in existence, however, they have taken on a different form…some are physical and others aren’t. I believe we have had the experience of buying some shiny gadget with a ton of performance promises, only to have it function for a few months before dying…you see the horse?

We have had interactions with people that leave us with puzzled looks and memories…you see the horse?

Let us be extreme…some human experiences have left us defeated and undone…I’ll say no more…you see the horse?

So how do we identify the Trojan horses that are roaming freely? I would ask you to trust your intuition…your sixth sense…the feeling that ‘something isn’t right’…! As with all skills, the more you use them, the sharper they get. Is your intuition sharp or blunt?

With the many happenings around us, it’s not always possible to keep the Trojan horses at bay. So what do you do when they weasel their way in? 

Keep your guard up…they say..

Guard your heart and mind…they say..

Guard yourself. Surround yourself with people who have you at heart. 

“They know how to win the battle because you tell them the tools they need to defeat you. Guard your heart, hold your tongue.”

Carlos Wallace

The deceptive horse does not have to be shiny or of an imposing nature. However, it can go undetected because it somehow blends in…until its too late.

Are we horse-free? No.

Are we able to identify the Trojan horses in our lives? Yes.

Are we equipped to outlast deception? Yes.

2 thoughts on “Horse.Ing”

  1. Hmm!!! I think there’s a bigger challenge… most horses find easy way through avenue “desire/greed/naive”…
    This, I feel, is a topic worth discussing further..

  2. Simple: keep you mouth shut, trust nobody and let them talk about what they think they see or know.

    The Trojan horse is always lurking around


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