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The word ‘trust’ is as strong as it is delicate. It is often likened to a glass vase. When you break it, you can attempt to fix it but it will NEVER look like the original vase. 

Let’s think bigger…

As I mingle with people….hmmmmm…I trust that people are good at their core. Let me pause here with a tale from the East.

The origins of Kintsugi

As the story goes, a 15th-century military ruler, Ashikaga Yoshimasa, sent one of his tea bowls back to China to be repaired. When it was returned, he was disappointed with the finished result and asked a local craftsman to find a more aesthetically pleasing method of repair. The solution, he found, was to emphasise the cracks in the bowl, rather than trying to conceal them. Thus, Kintsugi was born!

Over time, the craft became so popular that people started deliberately breaking their ceramics, simply so they could repair them using the eye-catching gold laquer.

We are trained to view imperfections as something bad. However, we do forget that we are who are because we are imperfect. The bumps and bruises that you have acquired throughout your life, have made you the person that you are. Let me pause before I continue preaching!

A bowl made more beautiful because of its cracks. A person made more wise because of their experiences. A rose more beautiful because its thorns have protected it from being plucked too soon. Think about it. 

You are sturdy enough not to break into a million unfixable pieces. 

I started by talking about trust. While we know that it cannot be repaired to its original state, we do know that broken trust can be moulded into something else, of course depending on what broke the trust in the first place. 

We are imperfect. And therein lies the magic.

Embrace your cracks!

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