On the road of life, you will meet many.

Those following you will be of two types…those patiently watching, learning…and will overtake when opportunity presents itself. There will be those who show their impatience and run you off the road.

Those on the opposite path…some will blind you while others will make your way easier by guiding you with their lights of experience. Those ahead of you will speed, fly ahead and disappear or patiently show the way.

On this road, you will meet bumps that force you to slow down, readjust your speed…and give you a new vision of the road ahead.

On this road, remain focused on your goals because many will appear…to confuse you, blind you with unnecessary things, test your peace. BUT there will be others, pure of heart and intent…to guide you.

On this road, remain centered on the One who created you. The One watching…caring…and protecting.

courtesy @Senses with Nj

This week I have attempted some poetry because the lesson is recurrent on an almost daily basis. How often are we derailed from our goals because something ‘shinier’ appeared? How often do we forget to slow down and re-evaluate our destination? How often do we question our noble intentions? How often do we almost give up when we meet a mighty bump?

How often?

The road to success is always under construction – Steve Maraboli

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  1. Awesome reminder and thoughts to reflect on….not to say that we are winding up the second month of the year into the third….how timely. Thanks NJ


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