Led by choice.

She walks. Tall and proud. Her achievement? Outshining all…

She walks. Quiet and focused. Her achievement? Change a life…

Both of them. Walk. With a purpose. To each his own, yes? Read on…

These questions came to me as I was repeatedly blinded by LED headlights. It struck me that drivers are 90% aware of their vehicle lights including their effects on other drivers ..because why not? It happens to them too. The question is, what is the motive behind blinding others?

I started this article with 2 simple scenarios. We were all born for a purpose…some have found their purpose, while others are still searching. It is in that journey of searching that we meet all kinds of individuals. 

Some of these individuals are out to blind you with their achievements and purposely omit assisting you. 

Some individuals are out to guide you towards your purpose as they find their way to theirs. 

Some individuals are not even aware that they have the ability to blind others, and therefore, cause a lot of discomfort with whomever they interact with. 

Let’s talk about the individuals who purposely omit assisting you. I wouldn’t want to focus on this individual because this is a person who is driven by a ‘lack’ mentality. They probably believe that there is not enough for everyone to go around. They also probably believe that if they help, they are ‘reducing’ their opportunities. Need I say more?

Let’s focus on the individuals who are our guides. Our quiet, always gracious guides. These individuals are very few on this planet. These individuals who ‘do unto others’…remember the golden rule? These people that give and therefore receive in equal or greater measure. These people that notice where help might be needed and therefore do the needful. 

I could write a book about these people because they are the soul of the world (in my opinion) and we need more of them.

I celebrate this individual who, out of pure intent, lights the way for others.  

I celebrate this individual who, out of humanity, guides and assists where they see a need.

As you proceed on the journey of finding yourself, do you help others? Do you purposely blind others? Are you aware of your capabilities?

“Light and shadow are opposite sides of the same coin. We can illuminate our paths or darken our way. It is a matter of choice.”

— Maya Angelou

…..its a matter of choice.

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