For the love of stories, here goes one. 

Once upon a time, I fell. 

The End. 

In I’mperfect, I wrote about embracing your cracks. Today I’ll try to talk more about it. 

Is the path you’re walking on a smooth one? Well, yes and no. First of all, you’re not alone on the path. There are people and things. These can make you trip and fall. When you do fall down, what gets you back up? 

Does the path you’re walking on have guardrails? Perhaps. They could be man made or not. Perhaps you have the ultimate Guard by your side (I sure hope so!). Does your choice of guardrail keep you from cliff’s edge? Or does it make the cliff more attractive? (I should hope not).

On this path that I walk,

I desire to have a smooth uneventful stroll. 

On this path that I walk,

I desire to move into growth.

As I walk however,

I see potholes,

I see forks on the path,

I see lonely trails,

I hear occasional sounds,

Human sounds of communication, both gentle and harsh.

I touch fallen leaves,

I smell the growth of scented greenery,

I feel a presence by my side.

A warm glow that tells me ‘all is safe’.

I feel a hand slip into mine,

A companion, accompanying and guiding my walk. Our walk.

I feel the hand nudging me forward when I stumble. 

Nudging me up when I fall.

Sometimes I lose touch with the warm glow, but it’s right there. Waiting. 


The poetry today has ended with undertones of love. Let’s attribute it to the season! 

‘Once upon a time, I fell. But. There was a hand. Steadfast and strong’. 

The End.

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