Past Present and Future

“Back in my day…” 

“Back then, this was much easier to do…”

Back then…back then…way back when….

Have you ever just sat down and got lost in your thoughts when you encounter a new problem? Let’s not even call it a problem…let’s call it a scenario. Such a scenario would be at the market place where the battle for organic/GMO is never-ending. Gone are the days when you could just buy a banana without worrying about whether it has been tampered with. 

Another scenario would be, watching the younger generation become so enthralled by gadgets and gaming that they do not appreciate the simple things like a walk in a forest…or learning a new skill that doesn’t involve gadgets.

We have all heard how our parents’ walked 200kms to go to school…how they scaled the mountains just to fetch clean drinking water. How the onset of electricity was like pure magic. A mobile phone? Unheard of! They had to use a telephone booth….or be tethered to the wall by a landline!

Where am I going? Perhaps my destination will not be clear any time soon, because change is the only constant in our world. Change is not such a bad thing. I will stop there because I run the risk of using some more cliché statements that are not mine to make.

A journey to the past can be one well rewarding with a list of personal achievements, or a list of lessons learnt. This journey to the past can also help one to see the arrows that one missed and therefore allow for second chances. 

In L-oad, I spoke about this journey which I likened to a road. While on the road, you can move forward, go over gentle bumps as well as the brutal ones that shake you to the core and you can also reverse to correct your way. The people you meet on the road, make the journey worthwhile and also soften the many changes that come your way. 

At the start of this article, I alluded to how we are constantly comparing the ‘now’ with ‘then’. The appreciation of growth depends on your perspective. Your acknowledgement of change, depends on how well you understand it. 

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@Senses with Nj






As you move on this road, it is my hope that you learn from it…grow from it…improve on what you find. Take the time to have fun, blow some dust!…and always remember to repair.

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