This article is coming after Sunday. Let me tell you why.

In the course of a very busy week, it occured to me that having somewhere to lay your head is very important. However, something did stand out. Each night I got a pillow that had a different experience with my neck…hence, sometimes I would wake up with a massive headache simply because the pillow had issues. And herein lies my point.

Something as small as a pillow can cause great pain or it can cause great comfort. The pillow can make your resting experience 5 star or 1 star. What do we use as a pillow to recover and recuperate? Are we aware that our choice of pillows can make you quite unproductive? Perhaps a pillow of choice could be reading of books or scripture…perhaps scrolling through social media platforms…perhaps cooking…perhaps going on long walks…or perhaps finishing off a whole thermos of tea.

Whatever your choice of pillows, are you aware of its effect on you? Is your pillow making you grow as a person or it’s a major hindrance?

A pillow for thee will I bring, stuffed with down of angels wing”. Richard Crashaw

May your pillow give you rest tonight.

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