Have you ever tried a word search puzzle of difficult words?

Have you ever just looked at a puzzle and have your eyes racing?

Perhaps I should start from the beginning…

Have you ever attempted a word puzzle in your adulthood? 

Upon first glance, you see words that seem like they are jumping out at you…the longer you search for the words, the more some words seem to hide…until you step away for a while. If at the first glance you cannot find any word, you become aware of the hard task that lies ahead…do you face it or run away?

Where am I going with this? Think about first impressions…the first thought you have when you meet someone…it jumps out at you. If you’re lucky enough to meet a pure soul, you keep finding descriptive words within them. If on the other hand you find a ‘not so pure soul’, your search for words can become clouded …until you step away from that person to refresh your sight. Stepping away is not such a bad thing after all, is it? If you meet someone and you still cannot find descriptive words within them, you have the option of digging to find the gold or rocks!!… or running away to a more easier puzzle.

Some of our best friendships come from sighting descriptive words within. Some of our best friendships come from digging past the first impressions to find the gold within. 

I dare to say that within every puzzle, there is a lesson to be learnt…agreed?

I could also add that every day we are faced with puzzles…new ones and surprising ones…which ones do you choose to solve?


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  1. Hmm. Interesting.
    I agree…there are lessons one can learn from every puzzle…not all puzzles, though, will one attempt. Some may just be too much work even scratching surface…


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