“The beauty of fragrance is that it speaks to your heart, … and hopefully someone else’s.” – Elizabeth Taylor.

While choosing a fragrance, one has preferences. However, these preferences don’t always exist in harmony with natural body odour. I see you looking at me with a question mark ….we all have a natural body odour…let me call it ‘scent’…it might not be immediately noticeable to us, but it’s always noticeable to others. If you want to know your natural scent, sniff at the clothes that you repeatedly wear immediately after a shower. It could be a night gown or a t-shirt…then you’ll get a whiff of your true scent.

Back to my point. When choosing a fragrance, it’s important to know your natural scent so that the fragrance you choose enhances the scent and not the stink. However, herein lies the challenge…how many of us know which fragrance is an enhancer or a stinker?

I continue? Let’s now superimpose the fragrance to real life situations. We all have those people who surround us most of the time. Are they scent enhancers or stinkers? I’m sure you’ve come across someone who is just a sour lemon that soon leaves you in a sour mood..what a stinker! On the flip side, there are those people who’s sunny vibes soon leave you twiddling your fingers in pure happiness!

When it comes to physical activity, there are those activities that we look forward to. They have us smiling for hours in anticipation! On the other hand, there are those that create sour looks on our faces…such stinkers!

Food can also fall into these descriptions. How many of us have suddenly developed an appetite for something after its smell wafts into our nostrils? On the flip side, how many of us have developed sudden nausea from the same experience?

I see the look on your face… “So what’s the point of all this?” Let me answer. Life experiences allow us to learn ourselves better so that we can avoid the stinkers and actively search out the enhancers. However, you have to know yourself before you can look for those enhancers. It could be in your relationships, physical activity, foods and much more!

Before you can properly answer the questions posed above, you must be aware of your own scent. Know yourself first before looking for enhancers.. otherwise you’ll end up with a stinker.

Are YOU an enhancer or a stinker?

Are YOU scent-sible?

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