Have you ever tried to open a website and all you see is a white screen? You assume it’s taking long to buffer and therefore you go to make some coffee…when you return, it’s still the same empty whiteness! Well, this scene is called ‘the white screen of death’…not sure why, however I can relate to the feeling of blankness or helplessness that one feels.

This is how my brain has been the entire week…no matter how much effort I put into changing the situation, it stubbornly remained blank. A white sheet. It brings to mind the moment when things go quiet and you stop seeing results…kind of like what happens in nature. Have you ever watched a swan gliding on the water’s surface? Quite regal! But underneath, unseen, are its two feet doing the work! Have you ever watched an eagle gliding in the sky? Effortlessly floating and sitting in the wind? But unseen, is the effort the bird took to get to that level in the sky!

Having a white screen of death in your mind is not a bad thing. It becomes bad when thoughts of self-doubt start trickling in. Just as a computer or smartphone needs a reboot, so do you!

Have you ever tried learning a new skill that requires manual dexterity? Sometimes you feel like your hands are not cooperating and other times, they take on a mind of their own…the white screen of death is temporary!

Have you ever felt like ignoring your exercise regimen, and you end up doing less? The white screen…very temporary!

I insist that the state of blankness is temporary because I believe that you have enough faith in yourself and Him, to hit the reboot button and give yourself a boost. You also have to put in the work and trust that the fruits will mature when it’s their time to.

Work that sheet!

2 thoughts on “Sheet”

  1. Well said…especially the part where you may be tempted to give up on your practice regime when things don’t seem to be making sense.
    Thanks Nj.

  2. As the great Diamond Platnumz sings, “Yatapita…”… The white screen of death is a good part of life, helps you refocus your energy to where it’s really needed.


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