Poetry time! And superimpose time!

Have you ever wondered what the items on the supermarket shelf could think if they could? Have you ever thought of the world as one big supermarket where we are all shoppers and items at the same time? Have you ever wondered why some are bypassed regardless of substance? Read on!

I sit on the shelf, watching and waiting.

I watch your gaze as you stroll the aisles.

Looking for the match of the moment, 

You hum with anticipation.

I sit on the shelf,

Watching you enthralled by bright colours,

Shiny covers keep you from delving deep.

I sit on the shelf, watching your hesitant steps,

Walking past the well worn,

Walking past the silent.

Walking towards your choice of the moment,

Missing out on the stories of the silent and well-worn.

I sit and wonder,

Does bright equal good? 

Does not being so bright equal bad?

I sit and wonder,

The story in your eyes.

Only time will tell.


6 thoughts on “Shop”

  1. Wow.
    So I wonder, whom am I on the shelf? Will I deliver for what I promise? (And thus deemed good or bad)? Do I have to make my wrap shine above the rest or just patiently wait just as I am…shiny or not?


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