Dear Readers,

As I pen this letter, I’d like to warn you that it is short. Today we are on a journey. Albeit a short one. A journey that could be magical or informative, or both, or neither! 

The year began as most year’s do. Complaints of how long the month is, its never-ending challenges and whatnot. However, this year has taken a pleasant turn. It’s not unbearably hot and the days are flying by. 

I would like to believe that you have been of good health both physically and mentally. 

Let me get to my point for this week. Part of the reason for my silence has been that I’ve been keenly observing the passage of time. Not ‘time’ as you know it. But ‘T.I.M.E’. Yes it is my first acronym of the year. 





T.I.M.E in personal and spiritual growth, in professional and interpersonal growth. How many times have we used the phrases ‘give yourself time’, ‘time heals’, ‘It will happen with time’ and so forth? 

Time has the uncanny ability to slow down when we are bored, and to speed up when we are having fun. Perhaps that’s another article for another day. Let me get back on track.

When we are hungry, we are laser-focused on nourishment. When we are ambitious, we are laser-focused on a better tomorrow. In the midst of that laser-focus, we encounter doubts. In ‘Think again’, Adam Grant mentions the benefits of doubt. And I quote… “When you find yourself doubting your ability, reframe the situation as an opportunity for growth. Knowing what you don’t know is often the first step towards developing expertise”. Doubt is not such a bad thing after all, is it? 

In your journey of improvement and growth, allow yourself to stop and think. Allow yourself time and remember T.I.M.E.

Yours faithfully,


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