I’ll go straight to the short point. Today’s acronym is a double edged sword. T.I.R.E.D






In other articles, I have usually hinted that we are a ‘work in progress’. Our task is never finished. We cannot say that we have reached the pinnacle of self improvement and growth. On that journey, getting tired is expected. And that is what prompted this article today. However, the acronym sheds a positive light to it all.

Yesterday started on the same usual note. Early morning peace and quiet, surrounded by birds belting out harmonious melodies. However, as the day wore on, stress, anxiety and despair started building upon each other…much like the building blocks used by tiny tots. It reached a point where all I could see was a long dark tunnel with no light at the end. I did what I could. I ran and googled my symptoms. Apparently it was an existential crisis!

What’s the point of the short story? We all have tasks that we have undertaken with the belief that they are beneficial – such as higher education, constructive hobbies and many other projects. Getting tired is a given. Getting to the end of the tether is a given. Seeing a dark tunnel is a given. What do we do when it happens? Throw in the towel? Revert to the comfort zone? Deny that you are tired and keep going until burnout? Balance?

Of the double edged sword, the ultimate choice is yours.

Tired or T.I.R.E.D?


2 thoughts on “T.I.R.E.D”

  1. Good one. Sometimes, one also gets tired of TIRED. Not a good space to be in, but from it a new reality is sometimes birthed.💯


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