Thickly Skinny

Wake up. Stretch. Rub your eyes. Wash and dry your face. Moisturise (or not)…etc

I’m yet to meet someone who purposely doesn’t wash their face. In addition to freshening us, it serves as part of a skin care routine. Because, who wouldn’t want to have great skin? Whether on the face or body, the question remains the same.

…”Grow a thick skin”…

…”Your skin looks cracked. What’s up?”

I have heard these sentences…sometimes in the same sentence…or in a good year, perhaps only once. 

Let’s talk about this organ called skin…and why we are encouraged to look after it. Do you smell superimposing?

We know the skin is a protective organ. We also know how sensitive it is to bumps and scratches…or when a flame decides to singe your little hairs. 

We also know that there are various skincare products that we are encouraged to use so that we protect our delicate shells…and herein lies the point. 

For the sake of understanding, let me define the word ‘core’ as our inner selves. Our spiritual selves. Our soul. Read on.

Why do we work so hard to protect our skin and yet not use the same effort to protect our core?

Why do we use the best skin care products and yet not give the same care to our core? 

Why do we go for a skincare consult and yet neglect a corecare consult?

In previous articles, I have alluded to the same. Know yourself. Know when it’s time for a corecare consult. As delicate as your skin is, so is your core. As scarred as your skin can get, so can your core. 

We have a skincare routine. What is your corecare routine? A simple corecare routine can be journaling, meditation and seeking guidance from the Wise One.

“There are two ways of spreading light: to be the candle or the mirror that reflects it.”  – Edith Wharton

Let your core be the candle or the mirror.


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