Let’s think about laundry. I believe there are stages to follow, regardless of whether you use a machine or not. For the purposes of this article, let’s order the stages of laundry as – sort, wash, rinse, dry, iron and fold. Time to superimpose!…become one with the laundry…

Sort – The first thing we are taught is to sort laundry and make sure we do not mix clothes that will discolour others. In your life, are you careful to sort your relationships in the same manner? 

Wash – There are times in life we feel that there are too many things happening all at once and we cannot see the end in sight. Picture the scrubbing that you do to your laundry – can you relate? Just when you think that it has passed, life decides that you are not scrubbed enough! And into the water and soap you return!

Rinse – A little bit gentler, the tough cycle has passed and hopefully you have learnt the necessary lesson. Hopefully you come out of the rinse somewhat revitalized and ready to take on life!

Dry – This again depends on the season of life. There are hot and humid seasons, windy and cloudy days. Each of the days brings on different challenges. Just like in the wash, the hot and humid season in life can test and try your resolve. Just hang in there!…The windy season blows you all over the place and seems endless, however, if you just wait a little, all will be well!…The cloudy days…hmmm! Seems all gloom and doom, perhaps joyless. Neither here nor there. Perhaps no sense of direction? Neither wet nor dry…just terribly damp! But hang in there…the sun will peek again…

Iron – another hot season in your life. However, the goal is to come out an even better person than you were! Hopefully, the ironing process clarifies your thinking and removes the creases that reduce your productivity and cloud your existence…

Fold – now you are ready and presentable. It’s up to you to decide whether you will remain hanging pretty on a hanger or walk out in the world to live as who you were meant to be!







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  1. Hehe… I would feel like I’m in the ironing stage…the heat pressing out the folds…just to imagine I’ll then be back to the cycle again after being used…


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