I am in the middle of an interesting read called ‘Start with why’ by Simon Sinek. Simon is gifted with the ability of breaking down ideas and clarifying their application in the real world. 

As we outline and modify our goals, we are encouraged to know ‘why’ we start because we are more likely to complete the processes once we start.

To break it down further,

Getting out of bed in the morning can be easy or difficult depending on ‘why’ you are getting out of bed. To be fair, sometimes you are pushed out of the bed by your bladder! Or perhaps some looming deadline!….but why do you get out of bed when the two scenarios are not in play?

Sticking to a practice regimen for a musician is akin to scaling Mt. Everest! Especially when your brain and fingers don’t cooperate! There are times when it seems easy and other times when you are tempted to pack up your instrument and escape to Timbuktu! The same can be said for fitness enthusiasts and their training regimens!

There is a reason why we hear some cliché phrases…”the fruit is sweetest at the top of the tree”….”the best views are seen after the hardest climb”…”the sweetest melodies are heard after grueling hours of practice”….”a step forward is better than no step at all”….”the best rainbows are seen after the worst storms “….(These phrases serve as a reminder that every effort made in the right direction will always be rewarded..perhaps not now or tomorrow, but I urge you to keep going)….! 

We all have dreams and goals we would like to achieve…at least I hope so! As we plan how to achieve them, do we know WHY they are so important to us? As we outline them, are we careful not to interfere with someone else’s goal achievement? Are we careful not to inconvenience others? 

Are you clear about the dreams you have or are you just recycling society’s expectations?

As I said in the beginning, I’m in the middle of the book, so clearly there’s a ton more to discover..I encourage you to purchase the book and accompany me in the journey of discovery…because, it can only get better!

“A dream that cannot come to life stays a dream” ….Simon Sinek

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