Water, grains and yeast. These three ingredients don’t mean much…not until you combine them with a purpose. When you have succeeded in the combination with balanced ratios, you still find that something is missing. You then proceed to give it some time to ‘mature’. And there you have it! The missing ingredient….the unwritten one …the one you learn on the journey. Perfect. Pure. Blended. Whiskey.

What am I on about? Let me give you my acronym. When Happiness ISKEY. I started with mentioning 3 ingredients. Water is life. Water gives form. Water holds all ingredients together. 

Grains exist in all colours and sizes. As the second ingredient, it gives one an option. I’m not a connoisseur but I do believe that the grain gives the character. 

Yeast is known for fermentation. Maturation. It requires a perfect balance otherwise you will have a bitter outcome. Do you see where I’m going? Read on.

Choose your happiness. Create your happiness. Happiness is found within. When you’re happy, everything is right with the world. Do you know what makes you happy? What gives you form? What gives you character? What helps you mature? What are the ingredients to your happiness?  

This article is not just about happiness. It’s about knowing what the ingredients to your happiness are. It’s about knowing what will give form to your happiness. Knowing what will hold it together. It’s about knowing how much maturity is needed for picture perfect happiness.

It is true that whisky improves with age. The older I get, the more I like it.” (Ronnie Corbett).

In all things, give yourself time. Allow yourself to watch yourself grow.

I leave you with my acronym – When Happiness ISKEY.

Bottoms up!


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