You-man being

Have you ever walked into a grocery shop or fruit vendor to buy fruit? (allow me to use bananas as an example).

Have you ever bought a sweet banana that is just plump to the touch, smooth yellow skin with the promise of being the sweetest experience that money can buy? 

Have you ever proceeded to bite into it and immediately spit it out because it is not ‘banana-ing’? Or force yourself to eat it and then suffer for it later?

This week, I have thought about looking inward. Self examination of sorts. When you approach a fruit, you expect it to be sweet and oh so juicy…yes? However, this is not always a guarantee because of occurrences that are beyond your control…therefore, you develop the skills required to select the best out of what is presented to you…are we together so far? Read on….

Let us imagine that you are the fruit waiting for selection. There are fruits that are naturally sweet and juicy. There are those that are juicy but not sweet (when you eat them, you are full of nothing). There are those that are damaged inside and outside. There are those that are damaged on the inside only (false advertising!). There are those that never mature because of external factors. 

While we are ‘fruit-ing’, let us remember that we are blessed with intelligence and are therefore not completely helpless. Let’s carry on..

When people come into contact with you, do they spit you out because you did not meet their expectations? Do they keep coming back for more because you are good for them? Do they stop selecting you because of repeated ‘false advertising’? When you are mixed with others, do you enhance their goodness or poison them? (read my article scent-sible for more on this).

Just as nutritionists say we need fruits, sociologists say that we need each other. Human beings are gifted with intelligence. We also have a conscience that allows us to draw the line on false advertising. Let us allow the Farmer to enhance our ‘human-ing’ because without Him, we could end up full of nothing.

Are you sweet but full of nothing?

Are you human-ing?

The greatness of humanity is not in being human, but in being humane. – Mahatma Gandhi

2 thoughts on “You-man being”

  1. But why force yourself to eat the untasty banana? This is what we do instead of spitting out those toxic friendships and any other relationships.

  2. Hi Nj.
    Your writing today evoked thoughts of 2 key portions from the Holy Book…the Bible…where Jesus approached a big tree expecting fruit but it had nothing….it was cursed and the second one where we are warned to be either hot or cold for the like warm got sput-out.
    Thank you formthe deep challenge.


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