Is play for children only?

I think not.

Is play a reward for working?

I know not.

Are play and work mutually exclusive?

Perhaps not.

Where am I headed with this article?

I know not. 


The journey of working…growing…learning…is a long one. It can get overwhelming, especially when you lose sight of W.H.Y you are doing it.


We usually use play as a reward for a day well spent, for a day needing a boost of happiness, or for a day of bonding with fellow humans. However, the irony is, we forget that we learn best when we are at play. The lessons learnt therein cannot be taught in a classroom, neither can they be taught through a well written book. 


We always encourage the little humans to go out and play, roll on the grass, make the pretend homes and much more. Why don’t we encourage ourselves to do the same? As you grow, your time is occupied by so much more. You have to make the conscious effort to play. You have to make the conscious effort to find a joke that tickles your ribs. You have to make the conscious effort to list your hobbies.


I’m coming round to my point. Last week I left you with an acronym. G.O.A.L.S


This week I leave you with another one. 






It is at P.L.A.Y that we discover ourselves.

It is at P.L.A.Y that we rekindle the happy laughter of our youth.

It is at P.L.A.Y that we lift the cloud of responsibility that sometimes threatens to storm our lives. 

P.L.A.Y is not just for little humans. It’s for all humans. 


I am the little human that lays silent in you.

I am the little human who still has big dreams for you.

I am the little human, laying dormant,

Waiting for you to P.L.A.Y me to life.

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  1. How about PLAYING with another…😃
    Lovely challenge and encouragement. Indeed, we can and are getting lost in life’s busyness we forgo the small importants.


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